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About Lux at YHU

We Work for you

The best FBO in CANADA.

The best fuel price. Zero Traffic

Just minutes from downtown Montreal, LUX FBO is a 24/7 FBO at CYHU. We handle all aircraft with full ground and customs services, and the best fuel prices in town.

Passengers and crew enjoy comfortable lounges in our executive terminal, and no wait before take-off. Fly to Montreal the easiest way with LUX.

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We are here to help

Our Offer.

More than a classic FBO, Lux offers a wide range of services for aircraft owners of all sizes. Our strategic alliance with WAAS Aerospace allows us to go beyond the traditional ground services and our chefs and facilities will provide you with a VIP experience.

All of our staff is trained to handle and service all types of aircraft that the Montreal / St-Hubert airport can accommodate.
Moreover, we have implemented a continuous training and knowledge control program that allows us to guarantee optimal quality in the service you will receive at Lux.

At Lux, we do more than just welcoming you. We are also at your disposal for more technical needs.

Whether it's for a check-up following a minor in-flight incident or for more advanced maintenance services, Lux has THE solution.

Our close proximity to Waas Aerospace's aeronautical engineering services and a privileged partnership agreement allow us to offer you the best in terms of maintenance for your aircraft.

Browse our FBO and Ground Services pages to discover the advantages of landing at Lux and entrusting your aircraft to us.
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Easy to find


Follow the yellow marker

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is the quickest way to find us on the airport when arriving from the air.

Business Partners

At Lux, we value our business partners in order to offer you unparalleled service at the best price.


We strive to be a member of the largest organizations in our industry and to seek recognition from our customers to demonstrate our expertise.